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Huffington Post Whitewashes Al-Jazeera’s Benefactor

The Huffington Post, supposedly a template for new media reporting on current events and world hot spots, has published a whitewash of the dictatorship in Qatar. The author, Shabina S. Khatri, says protests against the regime are going nowhere because the people enjoy good living standards and don’t face a crime problem. What’s more, the Emir of Qatar, who runs the dictatorship there, is “benevolent,” she says.

Officially, the Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, is known as “His Highness.”

This Huffington Post story gives new meaning to the term “lapdog press.”

She writes that “…Qataris are for the most part known for living a comfortable lifestyle, and most wouldn’t dream of making a public stink about what they consider to be in-house problems in their country.”

Those minor “in-house problems” include such matters as human rights abuses and the absence of free elections. [...]

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